Reliable, experienced and ready to tour FoH & Monitor engineer. I’m offering my services Europe-wide (currently based in Berlin. I have no problem traveling to other cities and countries). I own a good collection of microphones (see Rental) as well as vital skills such as creativity, stress resistance, EU driving license and a pair of good ears. I speak: English, German, Russian and Bulgarian.

I’d love to hear about your project. Click the ‘Contact’ button above to get in touch.

My services include:

  • Mixing live shows for artists and bands
  • Pre-production rehearsals for developing sound concept
  • Live setup planning
  • Technical rider preparation
  • Production management & consulting
  • Pre-production mixing sessions in a studio

Digital mixing consoles I’ve worked with:

  • Allen&Heath – GLD80, SQ5, SQ6, QU16, QU24, Qu-Pac, Qu-SB;
  • Digico – Quantum 225
  • AVID Venue – SC48, SL3, S6L;
  • Behringer – X32, XR18;
  • Midas – M32, MR18;
  • Soundcraft – VI3000, Si Expression, UI24R;
  • Tascam – DM24;
  • Yamaha – CL5, CL1, QL1, QL5, TF-1, TF-3, TF-5, LS-9, PM5, 01V96i, O2R, 02R96;
    & probably more!